Our traditional range focuses on the style classics, predominantly featuring shaker doors with different beadings and frame sizes.  The timeless look sits confidently in a period farmhouse as well as a new build to create the heart of your home.

The luxury paint finish allows the subtle woodgrain of the solid timber to show through and with a varied colour palette and optional furniture accessories there is an opportunity to create a unique kitchen full of character.

Our kitchens are made from solid wood grain doors with rigid built carcasses.


The iconic shaker door is fully embodied by the classic understated Fenton kitchen. Clean lines, classic styling, this kitchen sets itself apart in the quality of its craftmanship.  The luxury painted finish doors available in bespoke colours from warm tones to cool neutrals.

A handless option is available to create an unadorned yet sophisticated look.


The Finsbury offers a beaded shaker door design creating a frame detailing that really stands out. The hand sprayed doors with a subtle woodgrain finish are offered in a finely curated colour palette. With ornamental and furniture additions, this Finsbury creates an eye-catching stylish kitchen that would look beautiful in any home.


The Fitzroy kitchen truly stands out with the smooth painted doors offering a rich solid colour to the kitchen.  This smooth door design set against cool quartz or solid wooden worktops really transforms into a sophisticated yet practical kitchen space.

Choosing a complementary colour to create focal points will elevate your kitchen with it’s unique styling.


The Hunton kitchen range combines tradition and current kitchen trends to convey a cool and stylish minimalist design.  Effortlessly chic and timeless, the Hunton will fit flawlessly into any lifestyle.

Bold and neutral colours palettes boldly matched create a seriously modern kitchen with a strong enduring appeal.


The Kew range features the traditional shaker style with a modern twist by accentuating the unique patterning from the solid ash framing with a luxury painted finish.

Kew offers the opportunity to create a truly unique kitchen with curved doors and bespoke colour options for a beautiful timeless kitchen.

Mornington Beaded & Shaker

The traditional shaker door has been given a timeless update with a quarter bead framing accentuating the delicately painted woodgrain panelling.

With glass cabinetry, mantels and furniture accessories, the Mornington kitchen embodies the elegance of a timeless shaker kitchen with a twist created by the detailed panelling setting it apart from other shaker styles.

Mornington also offers a streamlined shaker option with clean sharp inlay and chamfered edge detail.