For a sleek minimalist design, our contemporary kitchens offer the perfect solution.  Handle-less or integrated handled doors give clean uninterrupted lines in your kitchen space. Create unique interest with a colour palette to define zones and separate work areas.

Our kitchens are made from solid wood grain doors with rigid built carcasses.


With a streamlined slab door, the simplicity of the Porter kitchen offers a modern eye catching look.  The pared down style brings a seriously contemporary look and emboldened with a strong colour palette, this kitchen really stands out.

The handle-less design carried throughout and especially around island corners is a bold interior statement and complemented with subtle accent shades it would create a showcase kitchen.


The Otto is a versatile door option offering different closures, either a discreet integrated handle to create a stylish streamlined, contemporary kitchen or as a sleek modern design with top fitting handles.

The colour palette with the options of textured surfaces, gloss or matt finishes ensures that the Otto will be truly unique to your own bespoke design.


The Malmo is a beautifully stylish tactile kitchen with a smooth flawless surface, offered in a both bold and neutral colour palettes, this stunning handle-less design is the perfect canvas to truly create your own contemporary kitchen.